Last week, we saw Storm Freya bringing strong winds, heavy rain and even some snowfalls to the UK which was the first of a few depressions that made in roads across the country during the week. The coming week isn’t going to be much different as the pattern remains zonal with westerly winds dominating.


A rather cold start to Monday with patches of air frost in rural regions and more widespread grass frost. Showers continuing on from the weekend in the north, some of these wintry in nature and falling as sleet or snow. A ridge of high pressure will build temporarily into the south of the country resulting in sunny spells and mostly dry conditions offering a window of calmer weather although still relatively windy particularly in the north. However, this is likely to be the exception of the week ahead so make the most of it as later in the day, cloud will thicken out in the west with rain approaching at the same time. Maximum temperatures during the afternoon ranging from 8-11°C.

Rain will spread across the UK on Monday night with winds strengthening to gale force, windiest conditions expected just to the west of Scotland. Gusts likely to max at 40 to 60 mph inland over Northern Ireland, northwestern England and western Scotland with 70 mph possible on exposed coasts into early Tuesday morning. There is the possibility of this low pressure becoming a named storm and if it does, it will be Storm Gareth. No frost expected with the cloud, rain and strong winds.


Stormy start to Tuesday for all with outbreaks of heavy rain clearing southeastwards though could linger for a time in the southeast of England. The strong winds with gusts around 50 mph in inland regions of England during the morning making for some treacherous commuting conditions.

It will become brighter behind the rain in the West Country and most of the north but showers will develop near the low to the northwest of Scotland. These showers will be wintry over the mountains in Scotland but rain for the vast majority. Maximum temperatures ranging between 7-11°C.

Winds calming down for a time from the overnight gusts but becoming exceptionally windy later again during Tuesday evening and night as the low makes progress southwards over the UK. Gusts up to 80 mph are possible just offshore from the west of Scotland through the evening with 70 mph or slightly above on exposed coasts of Northern Ireland and western Scotland. Similar stormy conditions in inland regions to the previous night in both countries as well as northern England but maybe even slightly worse with gusts exceeding 60 mph in parts of northern England during the early hours of Wednesday morning. Expect very rough seas and travel disruption from these gusts.

As the low progresses southwards, it will bring some showery rain along with it at the same time on Tuesday night with Northern Ireland having quite wet conditions. Little frost expected again under cloud, rain and strong winds.


Outbreaks of showery rain and strong winds will continue to make progress southwards during Wednesday morning into England and Wales and then the continent by the afternoon. There will be further rain showers to the south through that period however with sunny spells in between. Mostly dry and sunny in the north with the odd scattered shower, mainly around Northern Ireland. Maximum temperatures ranging between 8-12°C. Northwesterly winds at first very gusty with 50 mph gusts likely inland over England on Wednesday morning. However, these will die down later to more moderate gusts around 30 mph for most.

Cloud approaching from the west by Wednesday evening with rain pushing into the north through the night preventing frost yet again to form although there could be some patches in the south if clear skies occur.


A cloudy and damp day on Thursday with heavy rain to the north of the country. This rain will be lighter in Northern Ireland, southern Scotland and northern England with very little rain to the south but thick cloud may produce drizzle. A milder day with maximum temperatures ranging between 10-12°C for most, cooler to the north of the front over the Shetland Isles where 7°C is likely. Back to windy conditions again with gusts in excess of 50 mph widely over Scotland, 35 to 50 mph gusts elsewhere around the UK.

A cold front will bring some further rain southeastwards on Thursday night and cooler air will be introduced back to the UK behind it resulting in the possibility of wintry showers for the north.


A blustery day on Friday with a cold front clearing southwards and wintry showers coming in behind it from the northwest as winds veer to a northwesterly direction. Snow and sleet showers are probable in various places to the north of the UK. Sunny spells to the south of the country but even here, there could be some rain showers. Maximum temperatures ranging between 7-11°C. Northwesterly winds quite gusty in nature again.


A very turbulent week of weather ahead for the UK with few moments on offer for you to catch a breath! There’s the possibility of Storm Gareth on Tuesday and Wednesday giving away to stormy conditions and two successful very windy episodes, one on Monday night and another on Tuesday night. Interludes of sunny spells in between low pressure systems pushing in from the west but even then, showers are likely to develop with these having a wintry flavour in the north at times.

Sean Bruen is a forecaster for Metcast (and Snow Watch). His main interests are historical and long range weather. He LOVES snow (his Twitter account is @SnowbieWx, go figure!) and his favourite season is Winter.


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