Storm Diana, according to the Portuguese Met Office will impact the UK Wednesday into Thursday but what can we expect? Well before moving onto that I’d like to raise another concern. The UK Met Office (via their Weather Studio live stream on Youtube earlier) said that IF the storm is named it will be Storm Deirdre, assuming an amber warning is issued. It makes sense to adopt the names of whatever met services name it first right? For the sake of continuity. Anyway, so…

What will happen?

Heavy Rain will affect all areas of the UK tonight, could be hill snow in the north for a time. Tomorrow sees Storm Diana centred to the west of Ireland. Bands of heavy rain associated with Storm Diana will spread north-eastwards and gales will affect much of the UK. In exposed parts of the west we may see winds exceeding 70mph which may cause some travel disruption and damage to buildings. Yellow weather warnings are in effect for wind and rain for the west, see warnings here.

GFS forecast chart 1

What impacts will there be?

The impacts will be usual for an Atlantic storm and they are:

  • Rough Seas
  • Falling trees
  • Power Outages
  • Flooding

Worst Effected Areas

The west will be hit the hardest with frequent heavy rain bands sweeping in off the Atlantic and strong gusty winds. The east will escape the worst of it although it is likely heavy bouts of rain could cause flooding on already saturated ground.


Tonight and tomorrow are set to be very wet across the whole of the country. Wind will also be a major factor with this storm where winds could gust up to 70mph in exposed locations in the west. This May result in some damage to buildings, trees uprooted and traffic disruption.

Chailey contributes to our blog and is a massive football fan. Favourite kind of weather is snow (so will be working on Snow Watch too!) and thunderstorms.