After several days of monitoring and fairly consistent model outlook Monday evening into Tuesday and carrying through to Wednesday morning’s low pressure system has been officially recognised and named #StormGareth. One has to ask why they didn’t name it earlier but that’s an ongoing debate–Let’s consolidate all our tweets into one hashtag. Comment below with your suggestions, here’s ours; #StormGate, #StormGateUK #StormNameDebate.

Storm Gareth is set to roll into Northern Ireland this evening bringing with it heavy rain and gusts of 60mph. This band of heavy rain, snow over northern hills and strong winds will head over western Britain. Overnight it will be wet and windy with the warm front moving through, so mild air for southern Britain for a time before the cold front arrives.

7am on Tuesday 12th March 2019
7am on Tuesday 12th March 2019

A wet and windy start for some on Tuesday with particularly unpleasant conditions for Wales, South West England up to the Midlands first thing. That frontal rain pushes South East with gusty winds. Behind all this it will be brighter, colder with a scattering of showers for a time before further windy weather moves in from the west.

Tuesday afternoon more wet and windy weather hits Northern Ireland. This is the first weather warning with rain and snow for western Scotland. The wet, windy and wintry conditions head over the Irish Sea on Tuesday evening with gusty winds through the Central Belt from 50-70mph.It will be wild through the night with westerly gales, even severe gales for exposed coast and hills, strong winds inland. By Wednesday morning there will be chilly, fresh to strong North Westerly winds over northern Britain and Northern Ireland and strong westerly winds over the southern half of Britain with gusts around 60mph.

UK Met Office warnings can be viewed at and for Ireland you can visit Please stay up to date with latest warnings as these could change and heed advice.

We’ll bring you further updates on Twitter @MetcastUK so stay tuned for the latest.

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