The cold air is slowly filtering across many parts of the UK now and with that comes the risk of snowfall. Saturday will see Atlantic weather fronts pushing in across the UK bringing moisture. As these frontal bands hit the colder air in place across the UK it will begin turning to snow. 

Met Office FAX chart showing weather fronts moving Eastwards across the UK on Saturday

APERGE Model showing likely snowfall (pink)
ICON model showing snowfall risks

There remains some uncertainty within the model guidance exactly where the snow will fall and how much but the general consensus is that Scotland and Northern England are at the greatest risk.

Accumulations of 0-5cm seem possible to lower levels for a time however milder air getting into the mix will quickly turn this back to rain for areas below 200m. The Scottish Highlands/North Pennines for example could see 15-20cm across the peaks and as much as 30cm where snowfall is particularly heavy.

There’s also the risk of freezing rain above 200m in North-West England and through the central belt into Scotland for a time which could produce some very dangerous conditions.

Areas further South will see milder air moving Northwards ahead of the frontal bands so the risk of snowfall here is considerably lower.

Latest snow accumulation guidance. 

We have issued an advisory, seen below but be sure to keep up to date with the very latest one as it may be updated. All the latest can be found at You can also follow @snowwatchGB on Twitter.

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