If I copied and pasted last weeks forecast it probably wouldn’t be far wrong. High Pressure continues to dominate UK weather although it will feel a little colder to start the new week.


High Pressure to the West of the UK and low pressure to the East will establish a North/North-Westerly flow across the UK. One or two wintry showers possible in Northern Scotland but largely dry for the entire country. Highs of 4c in the North and 10c in the South.


A frosty start away from the coasts across Eastern parts, winds coming more from the North so feeling colder everywhere. Very low risk of wintry showers along Eastern coasts though likely to remain dry everywhere. Highs of 3c in the North, 7c in the South.


A weak and decaying weather front will bring some outbreaks of light and patchy rain to Western Scotland, Northern Ireland and perhaps North-West England before it fizzles out after a frosty start. Feeling cold with highs of 2c in the North and 4c in the South.


High Pressure continues to dominate so another dry day across the country after a frosty start for some parts. Temperatures still on the colder side though recovering slightly with highs of 3c in the North and 6c in the South.


You guessed it, another settled dry high pressure dominated day. Weather fronts skirting around the Northern flank of the high pressure might bring outbreaks of rain to Northern Scotland for a time during the late afternoon. Temperatures recovering slightly in a North-Westerly wind. Highs of 5c in the North and 8c in the South.


Another relatively boring week on the cards weather wise as high pressure continues to dominate. Whilst it will be a little colder than last week with winds generally in a North or North-Westerly direction it’s much of the same.

Daniel has been interested in weather all his life and learned to forecast the weather during his teenage years. His favourite season is winter and his favourite weather is snowfall and thunderstorms.