A variety of weather is expected across the UK over the Easter weekend, often on the cold side with showers and longer spells of rain at times, but there will also be drier spells with some sunshine for people to get out and enjoy the long weekend.

The Easter period will bring a variety of Spring weather from sunshine and showers, to more prolonged cloudy and wet conditions, along with some snow in the north: chiefly over the hills. So, there will be opportunities to get outside and enjoy the weekend, but keep an eye on forecasts to keep track of where the rain is and when is best to get outdoors.”

After a dry and cloudy start for many, Friday will bring more prolonged rain to the south of the UK, whilst wintry showers will affect some parts of the north. There will be quite a range of temperatures with areas in the south reaching double figures whilst some parts of Scotland struggle to get above 5 °C or so.

Saturday will see sunny intervals and showers, these wintry in the north, whilst in the south they could be heavy with the chance of thunder and hail. There is also the possibility of more prolonged rain and hill snow for parts of northern England. Overnight into Sunday it will turn quite cold, with widespread frost expected in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Temperatures here could drop to as low as ­-5 °C.

Sunday will be a day of sunshine and showers, before further rain is likely to move in from the south on Monday morning, which could bring further snow to northern hills as it heads north during the day.

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