Been exceptionally mild in parts of the UK in the past few days including Scotland recording its all-time highest February temperature on record with 18.3°C on Thursday at Aboyne beating the 17.9°C record set way back in 1897. This mild theme is set to continue into the weekend and even next week with conditions staying mostly dry but not always for some.


A band of cloud and light rain will approach Northern Ireland during the early hours of Saturday morning. This will result in outbreaks of patchy rain for Northern Ireland, Scotland (mainly the southwest), western fringes of Wales and around Cornwall. There will be some cloud around too in the east of England and the possibility of fog or mist lingering in the south of England during the day. Otherwise, variable amounts of sunshine with afternoon highs ranging between 12 to 15°C, possibly a bit higher in eastern Scotland and Wales. Around 10/11°C over the Shetland Isles where the wind will be southwesterly rather than southerly.

As the front continues to push eastwards during Saturday afternoon and night, any remaining rain will dissipate on it and the high pressure will take over again. Saturday night will be on the mainly mild side with some cloud here and there.


Sunday will get off to a cloudy start for most of the country but the cloud will attempt to push northwards as clearer air tries to approach from the continent on a southeasterly wind. As the wind will be more southeasterly, it won’t be as mild on Sunday with afternoon highs ranging between 11 to 14°C but of course these values are still above average for the time of year. Again though, temperatures could be suppressed with the possibility of fog or mist lingering in the south in the light winds.

Some light rain is likely to reside close to the northwest of Scotland which may bring thicker cloud and drizzle. Breezier here.

Next week

High pressure is likely to continue to be influential through next week with temperatures on the up again for a time early in the period with Spring sunshine giving off to some very pleasant conditions. However, always cloudier out west and in the north close to the jet stream but even here, there should be some spells of sunshine at times.


A very benign weekend in store with high pressure dominating for the most part bar a weak front pushing into the west on Saturday which will result in some light rain and cloud but this will weaken overnight into Sunday as the high pressure reinvigorates itself.

Sean Bruen is a forecaster for Metcast (and Snow Watch). His main interests are historical and long range weather. He LOVES snow (his Twitter account is @SnowbieWx, go figure!) and his favourite season is Winter.


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