Well the title gives it all away now don’t it? This week will be cold throughout with the risk of wintry weather during the period. There’s even the possibilities of some snow events at times. Let’s take it day by day.


Northwesterly winds will become calmer during the course of Monday for a time after Sunday’s quite windy conditions. There will be less of a windchill factor as a result and it will feel less cold but still cold nevertheless.

Outbreaks of wintry showers down the North Sea, north and west of Scotland, Northern Ireland and parts of Wales. These wintry showers will consist of a mix of rain, sleet and hill snow. Otherwise decent spells of Winter sunshine.

Afternoon highs on Monday will range between 1 to 8°C, warmest over the Channel Isles and coldest over the Scottish Highlands along with the Shetland Isles.

It’ll be a frosty night across the majority of the country with minimum temperatures dropping below freezing. Ever so slightly milder in the southwest where cloud could increase later in the night ahead of an area of low pressure which will eventually result in rain here by Tuesday morning daylight hours.


An area of low pressure that will sneak in to the southwest during early Tuesday morning will progress eastwards through the rest of the morning into the afternoon. There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding this low as its track or position will determine if there will be any precipitation in southern England as well as the type of precipitation. However, current guidance shows this low will result in some outbreaks of rain on southern coasts but further inland up to the Midlands, it’s likely to fall increasingly to snow especially on its western flank. Accumulated snow totals would potentially be up to 5-7cm or a bit more by the end of Tuesday in the midlands and southeast of England including the London area. Stay tuned on our Snow Watch website as well as Twitter for updates on this and any risk maps we may issue which is very likely. Details like we’ve mentioned here are highly prone to changing with such a complex feature. Maximum temperatures here to range between 4 to 7°C.

Further north, there is likely to be plenty of wintry showers on Tuesday with some sunny spells in between. The majority of these showers look to be in the form of snow and there is the possibility of these falling to lower levels over Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England. However, as always, the greatest risk and potential for the deepest snow lies on hills and mountains including the Pennines and Scottish Highlands. Northwesterly winds will gust stronger than they would on Monday adding to some bitter windchill. Maximum temperatures could struggle to reach above 0°C in the Highlands on Tuesday whilst generally here ranging between 0 to 4°C.

As skies clear and winds drop overnight Tuesday into Wednesday, temperatures will plunge with a severe frost expected countrywide. There’s even a high risk of ice forming especially in the north which would lead to very slippy surfaces.


After a very cold start to the day, Wednesday offers the prospect of lots of crisp Winter sunshine with winds calming down again. However, despite this, maximum temperatures for most of the UK within only the -1 to 5°C range away from the relatively milder southwest corner.

Some wintry showers possible to the north but not as intense, frequent or as widespread as Tuesday.

Temperatures will fall sharply Wednesday night into Thursday as skies remain clear under light winds. There is the potential for minus double digits over the Highlands in the north.


Thursday will start off bitterly cold with widespread sunny spells for the most part although milder out west with more cloud around as a low approaches. This low will spread eastwards through the day with sunshine turning hazy. As it does so, it will result in snowfalls in inland regions such as the midlands. However, like Tuesday’s feature, this low has a lot of uncertainty about it too. Again, stay tuned to our Snow Watch issues!

Maximum temperatures ranging between only 0 to 6°C for most, possibly 7 or 8°C in the southwest. The Highlands may not get above freezing all day.


Low pressure will dive southwards into France during early Friday and as it does so, the winds will veer more to a northeasterly direction over the UK. This will result in yet another cold day for the country as maximum temperatures range between 1 to 6°C. Thursday’s low may hang on a bit longer into the morning hours of Friday in the southeast bringing bouts of rain and some snowfalls.

Sunny spells and variable cloud away from the low with well scattered wintry showers.

Another air frost widely overnight into Saturday possibly.

Next weekend

Cold weather looks set to continue next weekend right now as northeasterly winds bring cold air from Scandinavia into the UK bringing further potential for outbreaks of snow showers. There is the outside chance of conditions turning relatively milder later on but equally, it could continue to be cold.


A wintry week ahead in store with two potential snow events on Tuesday and Thursday. Colder than average conditions throughout with severe frost and ice forming most nights just about anywhere in the UK away from the far south.

Sean Bruen is a forecaster for Metcast (and Snow Watch). His main interests are historical and long range weather. He LOVES snow (his Twitter account is @SnowbieWx, go figure!) and his favourite season is Winter.



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