Christmas eve and Christmas day is well within the reliability of weather models now. So what can we expect?

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve looks likely a largely fine and dry day for many of us, there will be some showery rain across the South during the morning but this will gradually clear as we go through the day. Best of the brightness across the North. Temperatures 3-6c in the North and 8-11c in the South.

Christmas Day

Our ridge of high pressure still extending across the UK will keep things dry with some good sunny spells after any early morning mist and fog patches clear. Later in the day a weak frontal system will bring outbreaks of rain across Northern Ireland and Western parts of Scotland. Temperatures 4-12c across the country.

So unfortunately no white Christmas this year. With high pressure firmly in charge however it’ll at least be a chilly start to the day and remain dry for many of us.

Happy Christmas! Perhaps the New Year will offer a little late Christmas present for cold and snow lovers..

Daniel has been interested in weather all his life and learned to forecast the weather during his teenage years. His favourite season is winter and his favourite weather is snowfall and thunderstorms.