The colder spell of weather has been pushed Eastwards now and we’re seeing less cold air filter in across the UK, what does the week ahead have in store for us?


Monday starts off dry and bright across the UK, through the afternoon cloud will increase from the West bringing outbreaks of rain across North-West England and into Western parts of Scotland. Temperatures around average for the time of year, still chilly in the North. 


Tuesday sees the first frontal band of the week moving Eastwards across the country with the heaviest rainfall likely to be in the North and West. Staying dry until the mid-afternoon further South and East. Temperatures 7-10c across the country.


Wednesday another dry day for many areas, perhaps some outbreaks of rain across Northern and Western parts though these will be showery in nature. Windy in the North, temperatures about average 8-10c


Another dry day for many of us however later in the afternoon winds will strengthen across South-West England and Wales as we see another weather front bringing rain in by the evening. Showery in the North-West at times. 


A wet start to the day across Eastern parts as an area of rain that pushed Eastwards during Thursday night clears away, perhaps lingering across South-Eastern parts until the early afternoon. Warmest day of the week with temperatures back up into the low teens, windy across Northern Scotland.


Quite a changeable week across the UK with low pressure systems bringing spells of wet and windy weather between brief ridges of higher pressure bringing more settled, drier days. 

The changeable theme looks likely to continue through into the weekend although perhaps a sign of things turning more settled into the following week with high pressure building in from the South.

Daniel has been interested in weather all his life and learned to forecast the weather during his teenage years. His favourite season is winter and his favourite weather is snowfall and thunderstorms.