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Cold? Snow? Maybe?

Uncertainty. Uncertainty is a word forecasters use a lot when it comes to long range forecasting but at the moment it seems things are more uncertain than they usually would be.

Saturday’s Snow Risk | 15/12/18

The cold air is slowly filtering across many parts of the UK now and with that comes the risk of snowfall. Saturday will see Atlantic weather fronts pushing in across the UK bringing moisture. As these frontal...
Undoubtedly, the main headline on the weather in the UK in right now is for this upcoming cold snap that is to occur from Friday to Sunday. This has been signalled at by models for days now and is...
Recently, the Global Forecast System (GFS) model has been consistently picking up on a northerly to occur around the last weekend of October 2018. It's been showing this for the past few days but today, it has gone quite...

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