Finally, we have reached the end of Meteorological Autumn. It seems like yesterday autumn started, doesn’t time fly by! Autumn ends on a showery note today. The unsettled weather continues in the coming days and at times it will be colder in Scotland.


During the course of Saturday, heavy band of rain will move across the north and south, moving eastwards with brighter conditions following in from the west. Northern Scotland will probably stay brighter and showery throughout the day. In the south west a wet and windy morning, clearing towards the west later. The South East will see a wet and windy afternoon clearing late afternoon. 13°C (55F) in the South and around 5°C (41F) in the North.


As we transition from Saturday to Sunday, we see another band, albeit a slightly more shower-y one push eastwards. Clearer skies will return behind it but there will still be a risk of heavy, perhaps thundery showers in the west. Scotland will be in a chilly airmass at this point, snowfall is likely on hills and mountains even in the North of England but elsewhere it will remain mild for the time of year. Temperatures are looking chilly in the north 6°C (22F) is probably the best here. There will be some juxtaposition with the temperatures meaning we will likely see 13-14°C (57F) in the south.


So to round everything thing off, Saturday will be mild in the south and chilly in the north. A band of rain will move across the north and south, wet at first, remaining cloudy and blustery. Sunday will be wet, country wide. Sunshine will soon return to the north and it will be chilly perhaps even cold. The south will be quite the opposite. It will be mild to very mild and cloudy.

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Chailey contributes to our blog and is a massive football fan. Favourite kind of weather is snow (so will be working on Snow Watch too!) and thunderstorms.