A little bit about us.

Metcast is a distributed weather collective, meaning we reach beyond the restrictions of a traditional office environment that formed in June 2017 after 10 years (and counting!) running Snow Watch, our winter based service.

We constantly aim for accurate and reliable weather forecasting to offer our users and readily make ourselves available to answer any questions when possible. Our main focus is extreme weather although we offer day to day commentary via social media.

Want to join us as we offer a fresh approach to meteorology? Get Involved.

We Pursue Excellence

We want everything we do to be done in the best way. From accurate and timely SWAs (Severe Weather Advisories) to enabling the public to plan ahead through informative forecasts and reporting while responding to enquires in a helpful and timely manner via social media, email, live chat and our community forum.

We Practice Honesty

When we get it wrong you bet your bottom dollar we won't sweep it under the carpet. Forecasting isn't easy--even the pros get it wrong but unlike some we learn from mistakes and certainly won't deceive, overhype (although some updates might seem like it--honestly weather models can say something at 18:00 but then a few hours later completely flip, so bear with us during severe weather!). Basically, we're super honest and reliable.


Mark Clifford

Managing Director


Sean Bruen

Climatology and Forecaster


Chailey Stowe

Model  Watcher